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BMX Tracks | Skateboard Parks

 Many councils have created Skateboard parks and BMX Tracks so that local kids can have fun performing BMX Tricks / Skateboard tricks on their Skateboards and BMX bikes. This is partly to provide better facilities for teenagers but also to keep BMX bikes and Skateboards out of shopping precincts and paved areas.

The picture above is a great example of how simple a skateboard park can be. This is an outdoor Skateboard park / BMX Track in Halton, near Runcorn, Merseyside and great credit must go to Halton council for creating this facility. My own council in Formby, Liverpool decided on a sculpture trail for the locals instead of a BMX Track or Skateboard park. The BMX Track could have just been a Dirt track and would have cost very little. The sculpture trail is now ignored and rotting away and is a complete waste of money! The Skateboard park above is free. Occasionally events and demonstrations are organised, providing control, guidance, demonstations, medical cover, music and lots of fun for kids to practice their BMX tricks / Skateboard tricks.

Finding a Skateboard Park | BMX Track is quite difficult because most skateboard parks don't have a website and are only listed in local versions of the yellow pages if at all. The map below will help find BMX Tracks, Skateboard parks, BMX Dirt tracks, Mountain bike routes and great streets for skateboarding, although I doubt that the local councils will be happy with the last item.

Rampworx and Revolution are great examples of what can be created. Rampworx, Liverpool is one of the largest indoor Skateboard parks / BMX Tracks in the UK. The Skateboard park looks a little rough outside as it is located in a run-down industrial estate. However, the kids love it! Prices are cheap and it is possible to buy session tickets (2-3 hrs) or all day tickets for about £12. In the summer holidays they have summer holiday passes.

Safety - As any parent can see, the potential for accidents is obvious. It is essential that children have proper helmets and other protective guards and equipment. If nothing else it allows kids to perform more tricks and stunts as they are out of action less due to injuries. All Skateboard parks will be subject to health and safety regulations as well as insurance company conditions. We recommend that every user wears appropriate safety equipment (such as knee and elbow pads, wrist and shin guards and helmets). Any sport that involves any form of risk may also require parental consent.

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