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Many horror stories are based on true life events. It's not surprising that in a cold, dark, lonely place people feel vulnerable and on edge. In many places both past and present unspeakable horrors have taken place. The stories of Jack the Ripper and the dungeons in London, York , Edinburgh and Warwick Castle show how cruel people can be. However, with all these horrors there is still a fascination that draws people to see it for themselves. A visit to the dungeons will show some of the unspeakable horrors that some people had to suffer.

The Dungeons bring together an amazing cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes and rides in a truly unique and exciting walk through experience that you see, hear, touch, smell and feel. There is a cast of approximately 20 actors performing in 18 small shows that bring everything to life or should I say death! The dungeons can be a bit scary but are great fun.

Haunted Houses, castles and Hotels

Everybody has heard a ghost story or listened to an urban legend. Most stories are just dismissed as complete nonsense or an overactive imagination. However, many cannot be explained and others seem to be rare physical events that actually take place. There are certain building which repeatedly have 'sightings' or where 'strange phenomena' occur. Sometimes these occurrences may be perceptible to the senses. Often these building are labelled as haunted and depending on your outlook are either to be avoided at all cost or they will draw you like a moth to a light. A few of these places are open to the public.

Paranormal Activity

Do you have the bottle to spend a night in a Haunted house or haunted hotel? How about walking down to reception in the middle of a cold Winter's night in a castle that's known to be haunted? What about staying in a haunted hotel room on your own. Are the quiet noises and groans you can hear just the heating system ? What about the window panes rattling and the badly fitting doors creaking and tapping. Is that just the wind coming through the tiles, under the door or through the eaves? How about the shadows that dance in the moonlight, running across the wall, making faces and shapes in the twilight. It's probably just a cloud or a branch blowing in the wind but are you prepared to check behind the curtains to see if there's a face at the window? Doing something creepy can be a lot of fun and give you a spine tingling buzz.

A number of people enjoy the thrill of investigating paranormal activity. There are some who treat the matter very serious while others have an open-mind or just do it for fun. Searching for paranormal activity can be a frightening experience. Normal background noises constantly surround us as things expand and contract with temperature changes, animals move around unseen disturbing things and building settle over time. However, many believe paranormal activity is also present in some buildings such as 'haunted hotels' and 'haunted houses' and cannot be explained by these normal background noises.

Rob Tate from Merseyside Paranormal is one of these individuals who likes to investigate unusual activity and try to film it. Rob who was a professional photographer, accidentally caught images of spirits while on photo shoots and now has a keen interest in finding out more. Occasionally, Rob invites a few people to join him as he goes in search of Paranormal activity. Rob Tate - Merseyside Paranormal There are a number of towns with a rich ghostly history and an abundance of spooky stories. One such place is The village of Pluckley - Kent  were many people have seen different things around the village.

In some places to satisfy the curious and to entertain the visitors, ghost tours are available.The ghost tours are often good fun and loved by kids. A few of the more popular ghost walks are:







The tours will lead you through narrow passageways, dim courtyards, and a warren of old buildings to the places were ghostly figures have been seen. These tours are good fun and often pick out features that are often missed by the casual observer. Did you know for example that some coffins were built high into the walls of churchs so that the person could be closer to God?

Some people may also be aware of people or creatures who have unholy ways of life. These have origins that go back centuries like the witches or the Vampires.

For those with an interest in the famous Pendle Hill Witches a trip to the Pendle Heritage centre in Lancashire may be of interest.

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