Ice Skating Rinks

Recent ice skating TV programs have helped revive an interest in all things related to skating on ice: Figure skating, speed skating, ice dancing, Curling and ice hockey. Ice rinks throughout the UK are experiencing a vast surge in interest and shows such as disney on ice are a great success. Unfortunately, some areas do not have an ice skating rink and many are difficult to find. Many temporary iceskating rinks have appeared but many of these are actually wax and much more difficult to skate on than skating on ice. Some skating rinks are seasonal and are only available in the winter months.

Learn to Ice Skate

Whether you are an experienced ice skater or just starting to skate on ice, ice rinks can be lots of fun. Many ice rinks have iceskating coaches available to help you learn how to iceskate. Some ice rinks have 'Penguin iceskating aids' that are ideal to help children learn to skate. Ice skates can be hired at the ice rink.

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